Uozumi Ichiro Sensei passed away

  • Datum: 23 December 2015
  • Door: Hans

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that on tuesday Morning December 22 Uozumi Ichiro Sensei passed away.

Uozumi Sensei (1937 - 2015), has played an important role in the All Nippon Kyudo Federation in establishing of the International Kyudo Federation. Uozumi Sensei practiced the Bishu Chikurin Ryu, Uozumi-Bune (his father) taught pupils of Tokuhu-kai as 12th Doto from 1960 and Uozumi Ichiro became his successor from 1999 as the master of Tokuhu-kai 13th Doto 道統. Matsui Iwao Sensei was student of Uozumi Bune Sensei and teacher of Hans de Wekker who became student of Uozumi Ichiro Sensei. The passing away of Uozumi Sensei came suddenly and with a great shock. Last Sunday, he was still one of the examiners during the examinations in Tokyo. Our thoughts are with his wife and family and all those who love him.

Hans de Wekker



Uozumi Ichiro Sensei, Hanshi Hachidan